BangTheRocksTogether 6 hours ago
This is Bon Appetit's worst video series. They turn my stomach. If I made these videos I would have taken them down by now and left an apology to my viewers in their place. I remember watching a cooking show where one of the chefs asked the contestant who was being kicked off the island "do you even like food"? That is my question to Mr Amiel. That and "Do you even like your audience?"
⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ 6 hours ago
1:35 Dude, that is raw lol
умид худайкулов
умид худайкулов 6 hours ago
At all wrong
Saif Aldin
Saif Aldin 6 hours ago
Soft medium scramble, medium hard boiled, or crispy fried with slow cooked runny yolk for me.. these three are my favourites, but i have a few other styles i like once in a while too..
Venice Zhayne
Venice Zhayne 7 hours ago
What I think egg would go in 🥘 🌯 🍱 🍰 🍔 🍜 🥡 🍳 🥞 🌮 🥪 🥚 Not this.. BUT YUMMY
John Blanchard
John Blanchard 7 hours ago
Thank You Chef Sheri !!!!!
Tyler 7 hours ago
This the type of dude to get some raw dough and say how much he loves the cold mushy goop.
Hans 7 hours ago
Can't have a white guy cook Pad Thai anymore, gotta get schooled by an asian lady on the computer first 😁
Chad Hemphill
Chad Hemphill 7 hours ago
This video turned me on to Cholula Green and it is the only hot sauce I buy now. Thank you Chris Morocco.
Tyler 7 hours ago
Burgers are meant to be cooked all the way through, basically no pink.
Rory 7 hours ago
i laughed for like 2 min straight at the "wrong audience for that" caption lol
The Bubba Continuum
The Bubba Continuum 7 hours ago
No one ever tries to make meat taste like vegetables.
PxlUp 8 hours ago
He could cook my eggs and I wouldn't mind
Cooky Boy 2,000.0
Cooky Boy 2,000.0 8 hours ago
could you dehydrate this and if so would it be any good.
SpongeBob SquarePants
SpongeBob SquarePants 8 hours ago
when you realize Ro is older than Andrew
Emmanuel Bangura
Emmanuel Bangura 8 hours ago
This video made me so anxious for some reason. It kind of felt like something was going to go wrong every minute
Couliers Couliers
Couliers Couliers 8 hours ago
Noup. With Brad and Chris, this is not the same kitchen any more. Sorry, bye
Trenton James
Trenton James 8 hours ago
This video was eggcellent eggstatic to try some of these
theGottowatch 8 hours ago
Burnt the onions, that is criminal
AndyBiersackIsPerfection 8 hours ago
don't feel bad Chris, you're definitely not alone in the not liking peanut butter. to be honest I only know a small handful of people that DO like peanut butter, many Danes do NOT understand the fascination so many Americans seem to have with it xD
Amanda Tshaya
Amanda Tshaya 8 hours ago
What I don’t understand is sometimes when people twist it they don’t put it back together and just eat one cookie separately and the other cream and cookie separate
28k 8 hours ago
After the video: i think i have cholesterol
Meletsch 9 hours ago
Better SAVE THE PLANET by stop eating fish and seafood! even if it's labeled as "sustainable" it is not, because there is no sustainable commercial fishing industry. "Thanks a lot!" - the planet and all future, yet unborn generations!!!
IQ Bang
IQ Bang 9 hours ago
If you do some research in Chinese cooking, you can make Cooking egg 101 methods.
kim doyoung’s patience
kim doyoung’s patience 9 hours ago
gordon: across these crab cakes, there should be no visual peppers shane: *looks at his crab cakes* yeap, they’re so finely diced, i can’t see those bell peppers LMAO
Raphael Xtmntx
Raphael Xtmntx 9 hours ago
Honestly brad is the only reason I still watch Bon appétit still his character is great
kim doyoung’s patience
kim doyoung’s patience 9 hours ago
“put the egg into the bowl” shane: plops the entire egg into the bowl .. *LITERALLY* i- HAHAHAH
Timpi 9 hours ago
pwede diba adobo?
alezcoed 9 hours ago
"i don't know metric" "shane we're in the 21st century"
Daniel Lee
Daniel Lee 9 hours ago
I only came back to this channel cause of Lana Condor
Kiel Remulta
Kiel Remulta 10 hours ago
11:20 *pinch* of salt
Jung-Wook Park
Jung-Wook Park 10 hours ago
Could someone please tell me about the frying pan he is using?
Tricia Barr
Tricia Barr 10 hours ago
I Always use the oven method for cooking my bacon 🥓 BUT I use a different temperature for cooking it.. I bake it at 330°f - (325° if you don't have a digital temperature) and bake it for 30 minutes, I then drain the fat and flip the bacon and bake for another 10 - 20 minutes depending upon the bacon I have..some brands take a bit longer to crisp up others don't..if I make the thicker slice bacon it can take an additional 30 minutes to crisp up after flipping.. I like the lower temperature as it doesn't burn as easily and it renders out more fat and I have better control over crispness..The best thing about oven cooking bacon is the uniform in cooking that you don't get with pan cooking unless you only cook 3 or 4 slices of bacon at a time even still the pan doesn't have the same even heat distribution as the oven method does.. then you have the added bonus of not having to babysit watching the bacon cook & constantly flipping it so you are free to do other things...and the clean up is super I use a sheet of aluminum foil on top of my baking sheet and then just throw it out afterwards..very rarely does any bacon fat leak onto the baking sheet so super simple washing up.
Nguyen Tran Duc Hung Potter
Nguyen Tran Duc Hung Potter 10 hours ago
the amount of egg he's eat equal to the amount of egg howtobasic throw
Sana Bakkoush
Sana Bakkoush 11 hours ago
brad's pure sincerity and enjoyment doing this makes the whole video so charming i don't watch a lot of BA anymore but this quality is the reason why i still watch brad
Daulet Shynybaev Aka Mister N
Daulet Shynybaev Aka Mister N 11 hours ago
Best recommendation during Ramadan
Morad Qatabi
Morad Qatabi 11 hours ago
Lady I think you should after cooking the caramel mix with 1-3gram of licitin with hand mixer
Josephine McGinn
Josephine McGinn 11 hours ago
She’s a straight up 👸🏻, love this x a million!
Stoperrie 178
Stoperrie 178 11 hours ago
This guy:*cooks loads of different eggs* Me: EGG IS EGG
Josephine McGinn
Josephine McGinn 11 hours ago
I just love watching Andy, and the recipe is cool too
Fathi imran Saleh
Fathi imran Saleh 12 hours ago
Gordon ramsay see raw eggs be like: it's raw 😠
Karlis Feldbergs
Karlis Feldbergs 12 hours ago
Shane Mcfarlane
Shane Mcfarlane 12 hours ago
I think I like the amber moon (I can’t drink it
Shane Mcfarlane
Shane Mcfarlane 12 hours ago
I have to do a project and homework one I can do in gym but one is do at 9:35 I leave my house at 9
Piotr Dymkowski
Piotr Dymkowski 12 hours ago
Idont understand why Brad and old fans are still here. Yeah I get it you like Brad, I-like him too but there are some bigger things than enjoying Brad and Chris. You made ur decision and its the wrong one. I checked this video cause i was sure all comments will be something like “shame on you” etc and the support I see here disgusts me.
Haysam D
Haysam D 12 hours ago
Sere Bix
Sere Bix 12 hours ago
I love Brad, but seeing him throwing good food away hurts my soul. And before anybody clever comes with "yada yada but it has lost all flavor as he said". Just not true. Get the veggies out, puree them and put them on the chicken. Easy meal and delicious. This, in the video, is just food wasting on a high level.
Sparkey Jones
Sparkey Jones 12 hours ago
Your "sous vide" egg has been known in Japan for hundreds, perhaps thousands of years, as onsen tamago. They use the water heated by geothermal energy at hot springs to cook them for many hours at about the same temperature. Sometimes, they have a little bit of a sulfur odor, but they're still delicious. You can also make them in a rice cooker on warming mode for about an hour.
Sparkey Jones
Sparkey Jones 12 hours ago
This is awesome, you got a few techniques I haven't tried. But, you didn't give the Instant Pot much of a chance, they make awesome hard or soft boiled eggs. I don't know exactly what you did wrong, but mine never come out looking like yours did. Edit - Ok, some of your techniques were really ridiculous. But, I guess that was the point. I probably would have added a couple others, like a Scotch egg, and a Thai omelet. Both of which are delicious.
biss 12 hours ago
4:58 i really just thought it said crackhead egg- ✨🤠✨
Karbon YT
Karbon YT 13 hours ago
How many failed attempts?
FalloutModReview TV
FalloutModReview TV 13 hours ago
God shes annoying
Jotaro kujo OVA
Jotaro kujo OVA 13 hours ago
Me eating to much 10 min boiled egg and now I want to eat all 59 ways of eggs now I'll do one a day so 59 days B)
RGG III 13 hours ago
Lookong back, I can't believe that the Hershey's Cookies and Cream idea for Gourmet Makes will no longer come true. ☹️
shelbo1000 13 hours ago
What happened to that pastry chef Clair, I think her name was?
Elo Gsd
Elo Gsd 13 hours ago
The whole video is a man moving his hands while eating almost raw meat
Gusion 13 hours ago
i cant relate to any of this bc i dont likr pizza and cheese-
Lã Minh Tuệ Tyler
Lã Minh Tuệ Tyler 13 hours ago
I love YT, you have to pay to download some videos now YAY! USER FRIENDLY BUT NO WALLET FRIENDLY! Edit: ITS NOT SOME! ITS EVERY VIDEO NOW
Ani Fourie
Ani Fourie 13 hours ago
This my idea of yummy heaven!
For The Love Of Seattle
For The Love Of Seattle 14 hours ago
When I worked at Kentucky Fried Chicken (not to be confused with KFC) we had to take a cooking course for four weeks. In that time we were taught how to make the Cole Slaw by hand. How to core the cabbage and shred it. Then take it and mix in the slaw mix to make the Cole Slaw. We would put on long plastic gloves and dig in with our hands to mix it like you are going with your Fennel.
groundskeeper willie
groundskeeper willie 14 hours ago
Bacon: get a heart attack
Angel star reacts
Angel star reacts 15 hours ago
4:25 "this is tasty" Cc:"ms. Tasty"
Zapdog 15 hours ago
am i the only one who finds the voiceover chewing infuriating to listen to
Rachel Kaye
Rachel Kaye 15 hours ago
Can we get a rosé vid?!
Rejected ideas
Rejected ideas 16 hours ago
Mr Stanek are you just a younger version of Brendan"badass"Fraser?
fate 16 hours ago
i need whoever mixed up that north jersey calls it pork roll and south jersey calls it taylor ham fired. i need them sent to mars
StiniogCo 16 hours ago
I think it’s safe to assume that the entirety of Norway gasped when all of u (except one) agreed that nachos wasn’t a meal Hahahaha
PROSALEMS 16 hours ago
Bring Brad back to the test kitchen!
Rachel Yau
Rachel Yau 16 hours ago
18:56 you’re welcome
Devlyn 16 hours ago
“You know it’s getting a little Smokey in here.” **proceeds to walk to a grill for Smokey stake**
Jordon Mercer
Jordon Mercer 16 hours ago
I remember visiting a local store as a camp thing (idk either) and they made a HUGE deal about us not recording or writing down anything we saw in store or with the recipe
Justin Klinekole
Justin Klinekole 16 hours ago
I love Andy!!!
Belen Garcia Calvar
Belen Garcia Calvar 16 hours ago
Why do I feel like Americans are weirded out about food like if something is not cooked already they're like wtf what is this
Scales 17 hours ago
I've seen this like 4 times already. These 2 together are the best
chieftain 76
chieftain 76 17 hours ago
Why didn’t you put the veg in with the chicken while you cooked it? Your chicken would be tastier and you wouldn’t have to boil it twice, saving energy
Rimuru Fempist
Rimuru Fempist 17 hours ago
Bold of you to assume I have a convection oven
SJ Lang
SJ Lang 17 hours ago
okay I knew this was gonna be bad but I didn't think it would be this bad
Ülkü 17 hours ago
Hepside harika oldu ,elinize sağlık . 👏
Max Gon
Max Gon 17 hours ago
these don't really look that good sorry mang. They look too small and not filled enough. Kinda seem like they'd be a bit dry.