Cindy Martinez-Lazo
Cindy Martinez-Lazo 7 hours ago
love Brad but whereeeee is Chef Harold?!
SeventhEve 7 hours ago
Rather than 'Watching Paint Dry' this should be titled 'Cooking with ADHD'. Brad's just the human personification of my mind.
Martin Fischer
Martin Fischer 7 hours ago
this video is how it's supposed to be!
Doug Lawson
Doug Lawson 7 hours ago
one of the better ba videos lately. Dude feels like he's depressed af though. Can't imagine losing all my buddies and co-workers and then having some embarrassing cloud of events looming over you because of what happened. Just be you brudduh and rock on with ya bad self. You're a great chef and have lots of talent to share with the world yet. Don't let it all get you down bruh. Roll with it.
Cezar Bartholomeu
Cezar Bartholomeu 7 hours ago
Brad and nut butter. Fremented nut butter.
Greg L
Greg L 7 hours ago
the editing tho
star t
star t 7 hours ago
8:09 steve hitting wood
Ethan Estorga
Ethan Estorga 7 hours ago
Braun Stromanis my favorite wrestler
John 7 hours ago
100 lbs of salt and sugar and 1/100” of nut butter, that sandwich needs more nut butter
Erika B.
Erika B. 7 hours ago
Title of this video could also be "Golden retriever named Brad Leone wants to play catch with people but there's no one around due to a pandemic"
Ashley Thompson
Ashley Thompson 7 hours ago
The editors, make him look like an idiot, and not in a good way. Stop it guys. He deserves respect
Kalad Hovatter
Kalad Hovatter 7 hours ago
Sometimes watching Brad is like watching a man go through all the stages of grief over a fermentation project.
Wayne Warmack
Wayne Warmack 7 hours ago
With the mustache Brad looks like John Cleese. I wonder if we could teach him to do the accent.
Marcel Habermann
Marcel Habermann 7 hours ago
Dont burn your nuts Brad
Kim Huliganga
Kim Huliganga 7 hours ago
Love me some chana and some roti!
Mandolin Hooper
Mandolin Hooper 7 hours ago
How fast does the editor think people can read?
Julian YT
Julian YT 7 hours ago
One of the biggest food videos on yt: this video
Ryan Murphy
Ryan Murphy 7 hours ago
Feels like they got their mojo back on this one
SteamGeezer and Son Independent Traders
SteamGeezer and Son Independent Traders 7 hours ago
Nut butter...? Stop laughing at the back...
Abraham 7 hours ago
Brad looks like Mac Demarco
Matt Da Potato
Matt Da Potato 7 hours ago
Get a toast, a jar of peanut butter, a jar of jam or jelly, slap some of both on the toast and put the two pieces together I’m sorry, i enjoy working on food to make it better, but it’s never worth it for a pb&j sandwich💀💀💀
BUFFSLUT 7 hours ago
Welcome to Just a Dash starting Brad Leone!
Sam Wynn
Sam Wynn 7 hours ago
Brad seems so high in this episode, definitely just his personality 😂😂😂
Stephan Parris
Stephan Parris 7 hours ago
I was waiting for the woo song to drop, after that buildup with the nuts. and it never happened... thanks editor.
Peak 7 hours ago
This is the kinda chaos i need in my life :3
Jayson Beaton
Jayson Beaton 7 hours ago
Hey B, this episode does, in fact, not suck.
Elizabeth Coyotl
Elizabeth Coyotl 8 hours ago
I had Covid (I'm okay now) and in my exhaustion and confusion, forgot how to make a pb&j sandwich. Cause you normally spread one on each slice. Well I spread peanut butter on both slices and realized I meant to put jelly on it so I just put some on top of the peanut butter. Gotta say, it's crazy but you get double peanut butter so the jelly sweetness isn't overpowering. So now I still make em that way.
Norwegian Wood
Norwegian Wood 8 hours ago
this is feel like an anatomy class discussion but with food. 😅
Gäbu m
Gäbu m 8 hours ago
this was next level funny :D well done
Leeloogalaxy 8 hours ago
Lean Brad is looking NICE 🤩😅
Josh Bascom
Josh Bascom 8 hours ago
Oh man this was freaking hilarious! Loved it!
tree man
tree man 8 hours ago
I love the editing in this haha it's so perfectly chaotic
Brian Grewe
Brian Grewe 8 hours ago
He looks high AF in this episode
Scott Prentice
Scott Prentice 8 hours ago
I think this video is the absolute proof I needed that I’d watch and enjoy any it’s alive video.
Emma Koinzan
Emma Koinzan 8 hours ago
golden retriever and chrissy
Ben Brockert
Ben Brockert 8 hours ago
Has there been an explanation of why Andy is in the test kitchen and Brad is cooking in a supply closet?
D P 8 hours ago
Brad get fit ?
Natalie Dyer
Natalie Dyer 8 hours ago
Brad lost weight!
Mike Arredondo
Mike Arredondo 8 hours ago
The only thing Brad is fermenting is the bob appetite USposts channel
Catharine Romero
Catharine Romero 8 hours ago
loved this highlighting of people, conversation, and meal making as opposed to the choas of other ba personalities. this was the reunion of long times friends and y’all out here asking for brad-esque energy…?? watch brad then…..
Kev Robey
Kev Robey 8 hours ago
Give this fine gentleman his own channel please. More Brad is better than less, whether screw ups or successes, whatever he does is entertaining, educational and fresh. No pretence is engaging.
A. Hunter S
A. Hunter S 8 hours ago
Are we just gonna ignore how G O O D that slowed-down It's Alive theme sounds!?
A Fellow Soul Of Ash
A Fellow Soul Of Ash 8 hours ago
Brads lost weight, what a handsome man, I recon he’d be an awesome uncle you go to when you’re not feeling the best and he’d just make you dinner and everything will be alright, that’s how I’m tryna be
Trax A Trillion
Trax A Trillion 8 hours ago
Funniest one in a while!
NEO SORI 8 hours ago
Videos on the process of fermented; horseradish, ketchup, banana ketchup, water kefir, skyr, ogi (fermented cereal), curtido, ayran, CALPIS, FINNISH viili, cod liver oil, cheonggukjang, doubanjiang, red miso, tempeh, tepache, kinema, date vinegar, pineapple vinegar, INDIAN achar, sprouting, then making sprouted bread, IKARIAN wine, INDIAN chaas, HAWAIIAN fermented poi, aged butter, tahini, cultured smoothies, bochet, fermented molasses, sorghum molasses, black treacle, fermented mint sauce, crème fraîche, fermented cinnamon recipes, hydrolysed collagen, (ajvar and ajika which are my favourites) would be 🆒 I can't drink alcohol, but I added the fermented drinks since I thought it would be interesting to see how it's created 🕊️✨✨✨
Catharine Romero
Catharine Romero 8 hours ago
i am obsessed with this fit!!
Dustin Estes
Dustin Estes 8 hours ago
This has to be the hardest I’ve laughed at a Brad video yet. 🤣🤣 The editing and words falling out of his mouth is just epic this go around. Excellent job on this one
FCKILAGGED 8 hours ago
editing is perfection
Josiah Gulden
Josiah Gulden 8 hours ago
Brads back baby
Peter M. Dolan
Peter M. Dolan 8 hours ago
Brads got that celebrity skinny going on ! Hoping for a nice book deal or cooking show advance coming !!! Congrats man. Doing a great job. Keep it up.
Cyrribrae 8 hours ago
I see Brad is moving in the direction of Matty.. Lol. Needs more staring into the existential middle distance.
Captain Patch
Captain Patch 8 hours ago
24 hour paint drying stream when?
Unibrowpopcorn 8 hours ago
That outro was GLORIOUS
Matthew Westgate
Matthew Westgate 8 hours ago
I spread the jam/preserves on the PB side. Makes it easier to spread the preserves evenly, less friction and keeps the bare slice of bread less soggy for longer. In my experience.
Scott Summers
Scott Summers 8 hours ago
The editing! 😂😂😂
Donna Leyran
Donna Leyran 8 hours ago
The last 30secs were the best part of the video. 😂😂
Oz 8 hours ago
Brad, BA YT is dead. Go solo so I cant unsub and sub directly to you, the sauce, instead... just a recommendation
Christoph Backhaus
Christoph Backhaus 8 hours ago
Great Teamwork!
Golden State Warriors fan since 2015
Golden State Warriors fan since 2015 8 hours ago
Did its alive videos always have this much editing it's like I'm watching a ytp
Ellie Turner
Ellie Turner 8 hours ago
have him do a vegan or vegetarian dish!!!
Lol Fox Videos
Lol Fox Videos 8 hours ago
Imagine the leftovers Enough to last the pandemic
Adam Dev
Adam Dev 8 hours ago
I can't believe he missed saffron. That's like what makes paella a paella
Parscuit 8 hours ago
"So, Brad...What all do you like to ferment?" Brad: "Yes."
Les Vegetables
Les Vegetables 8 hours ago
Brad is a national treasure!
Melodie Delgado
Melodie Delgado 8 hours ago
Brad is the Mac Demarco of the cooking world
Jesse H
Jesse H 8 hours ago
I miss these episodes. Rapaport had to screw it all up.
Regina Ceragioli
Regina Ceragioli 8 hours ago
He's back babyyyy
Jitesh Ramakrishnan
Jitesh Ramakrishnan 8 hours ago
Next: fermented wourder with Brad
RaXha 8 hours ago
Does Brad eat anytihng that hasn't sat in a jar for a month or two? xD
Jakob Giel
Jakob Giel 8 hours ago
These videos are getting progressively more surreal. I love it!
Jocelyn Lee
Jocelyn Lee 8 hours ago
the sound effects blew out my eardrums
Christian Lenzen
Christian Lenzen 8 hours ago
Where can I get brads knife
half dead
half dead 8 hours ago
brad was smoking some dank dank before this lil episode hahaha
half dead
half dead 8 hours ago
brad was smoking some dank dank before this lil episode hahaha
Joe 8 hours ago
"10 inches in diameter, usually a good indicator to tap it" -words to live by
IDarKVeNoMI 8 hours ago
Is Brad getting skinny or what?
superImpious 8 hours ago
Brad is an 'A' list entertainer! And whomever edits these videos needs a raise and a pat on the back.
garrett 8 hours ago
Brad with a stache > Brad with a beard
Cristhian 8 hours ago
Hahaha i'm ☠️.. the edition tema tho ✋😫😂😂👏
Anas Lasri
Anas Lasri 8 hours ago
I don't believe in smooth peanut butter, chunky is how god intended